Hello 2019!

Hello! It’s been a little while since my last blog post, mainly because for a while there wasn’t much to write about! 😂 if you are following me on Instagram and Facebook (Jen Marr Racing), you’ll have seen my posts and some updates. A few things have happened in the last few weeks though.....

First thing was my helmet finally arrived!! It was due to arrive between Christmas and New year but with it being that time of year, it arrived in the New Year. I decided to go for a Roux Helmet. I originally had my heart set on a Carbon Stilo helmet, but after seeing the Roux and seeing the special safety feature it has I opted for that. The feature is that in the event of an accident and the paramedics need to remove my helmet (let’s hope that doesn’t happen though!), then they pull a tab on either side of my head and the helmet lifts right off without pulling it off or straining my neck. The carbon is beautiful, it almost feels like I’m violating it by getting it painted! I will ensure plenty of exposed carbon when I do get it painted though.

The day I collected my helmet, I also picked up my friends steering wheel and pedals for the PS4 to make up a simulator. Unfortunately I had to return it to my friend last week so I only had a few weeks with it, but it was great to have and I’ll buy my own eventually.

The other exciting news is you may remember if you’ve read my previous blogs that I entered a competition through Dare to be Different back in October to win a day’s driver training with CAT driver Training and I was picked as the winner. We booked my training day in for Sat 19th January so I had it last weekend. I had the best time. It gave me so much confidence in myself, and I learnt a lot too, about car control and the engineering side of driving. We worked on using the accelerator as a levelling device, and we practiced many techniques such as threshold braking, trail braking, high speed driving, using sight, and so much more. The use of cameras is strictly prohibited within the grounds of Millbrook but due to the nature of my visit, we were allowed (under security’s watchful eye) to take some pictures and in car videos for a short while in the middle of the day.

We finished the training by doing a final lap round the circuit while Colin, my instructor, sat silently in the passenger seat to put into practise everything Id learnt throughout the day and see if I could do it on my own. We got to the first corner and at first I felt like I’d braked too late and I had ruined my last lap but actually, I’d just hit the grip limit, got back on the accelerator and came out of the corner in the perfect line! From then I nailed every single part of the lap, including the single input steering across two corners, the small chicane after that and the trail braking near the end of the lap. It was just awesome. We pulled up in a lay-by just outside the circuit and we were both so elated by the lap I’d just done that we both got a bit emotional! 😂 we enjoyed it so much Iv been asked back later this year so I’m booked in for a day in October! I’m looking forward to it immensely.

I made a few videos on my day, a short version and a long version. See them here:

Full version:

Shorter “trailer” version:

If you are reading this and fancy improving your driving skills, even just for on the road, or if you would like to be faster on trackdays, I absolutely recommend CAT Driver Training. Colin alone has had over 3000 clients, ranging from wanting to be be better equipped on roads to professional race car drivers. The instructors adapts their training to whatever level you are at and whatever you objectives are. It’s well worth the investment. Check out their website

On my way home from Bedfordshire I stopped off at the now closed Rockingham Speedway Circuit. My Elise is number 001 of the 135r edition and as a result was used as the press car for a while. It was used for all the photos of the 135r which were taken at Rockingham so while I was down there I sought permission to come in and (do my best to) retake all the photos! It was so much fun and I think I did a pretty good job. It’s been 16 years since they were first taken, so same car, same track, just 16 years apart.

A few people have been asking me about my plans for this year but at the moment my options are still Citroen C1’s, Fiesta ST’s or Legends. I’m just waiting on final quotes on hiring a car and a test session in a Legend next month before I can decide. Hopefully I’ll have made a decision by the end of February.

That brings me to my next thing.... I have a day booked to try out a Legend at Knockhill Racing Circuit near the end of February. It’s a Legends Unlimited day and I’ll have 5 laps in a Honda Civic with an instructor then I’m let loose in a legend for the rest of the course. Revs will be restricted at first then once I’m used to it, it’ll be opened up to full. I’m really looking forward to it! It’ll be a lot of fun but I’m also hoping that once I’ve done it, I can then decide which car to race this year!

Until then, I’m just waiting on my suit arriving and I need to buy some gloves and underwear. Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more updates and information. I’ll probably make a vlog of my Legends day on my story on there, then a written account here, so to make sure you get every little bit of information, check out both!

Until my next update, stay safe in this cold, snowy weather!



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