Rounds 7 - 11 and a catch up...

I've been a bit rubbish at blog writing recently, but if you follow my social media posts on Instagram and Facebook, you'll know exactly what Iv been up to! The double header weekend in July was a brilliant weekend. I set a new PB and I am starting to really gel with my car, getting comfortable with it sliding around and I'm starting to feel more confident in myself and my driving ability on track.

The race weekend in July was also host to SMRC's Ladies Day, an initiative set up to try and bring more women into the sport. It was such a fantastic day, and I really loved chatting to all the lovely ladies about racing and driving them around the track at the lunch break. I hope there will be more days like this in the future, as I had a great time!

My last race that weekend was hilarious! It had started raining and no matter what I did, my windows started to steam up and just got worse and worse throughout the whole race! It was a bit of a waste of a race as a result, but I wanted to finish, so I kept going and basically just used the force to get myself around the track! I made a little video of that race weekend, you can view it here:

After the July Race weekend, I spent the first half of August enjoying the remainder of my holiday from work. Before my last race weekend at the end of August, I got Oly, one of my gridmates (in the Cooper S Cup) come and sit with me at a trackday. It was pouring of rain but it was great to have him drive my car so I could see how much it could be pushed, and also it helped me realise how much car control I have. Turns out my car control is really good! It gave me so much confidence for driving in the rain. Unfortunately it didn't help me much for the next race weekend as it was dry and it was on the anti-clockwise track, but that was also a good race weekend. Race two was a bit of a confusing time for me, as we had two red flags and for both I was the first person to hit the grid after the red flag came out, which I wasn't expecting, so when I arrived, I didn't know where everyone had gone! I was expecting to see people around to follow, but no-one was to be seen, so I assumed everyone had gone into the pitlane, and I followed but there was no-one there either! Oops! Good job everyone followed me into the pitlane, otherwise I would be restarting from the pitlane and everyone else from the grid!

Next race (last one of the season!) is 6th October. I have a trackday booked before this, so I'm hoping to make some good progress at the next race. I also have another days training after the next race with CAT Driver Training at Millbrook, so it will be good to see how I've progressed since my last visit in January! Then I will be looking forward to making plans for next year. I have a few options, so it will be good to get them firmed up! More on that to follow soon! In the meantime, if you don't follow my Instagram and Facebook pages already, get following now!

As ever, Id like to thank my supporters and sponsors for everything they have done for me. Without which, I wouldn't be able to do what I am, so it is greatly appreciated!

More to come soon!



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