Time for a catch up!

Hi all! It’s been a little while since my last blog post, mainly because I have been absolutely flat out at work. I am a full time music teacher, and there has been a lot going on in all my schools this term but I am now on holiday for a week! Wooo!!

There have been some developments in my racing career over the last few weeks; one of them being I passed my medical for my ARDS assessment. Everyone needs to pass a medical before they are issued with a race licence. You don’t need to have the medical before the ARDS assessment but you can’t send away for your licence until it’s done. This medical isn’t covered by the NHS, so I called my GP to enquire and found out they cost over £100. I had already done some research online and read on some forums that it will take no more than 10 minutes and that there are other companies that offer the medical much cheaper, so I contacted a company called Nationwide Medicals and booked it online. It was £59 so booked it for a few weeks ago in Glasgow. This was the only appointment I could get for the whole of October so I just went for it. I was literally in there for 5 minutes. I already had my height and weight, and I brought my last eye test certificate. A couple of other checks were done and I was out the door again! Couldnt believe how quick I was in and back out! Glad I didn’t spend over £100 for that pleasure!! Now I can go to my ARDS assessment this week knowing that if I pass, my application can be sent away straight away.

I spent last weekend supporting and cheering on my good friend (and one of my race coaches) Chris, who had entered last minute in the final meeting of the SMRC races at Knockhill. While there I met with a few owners of garages and cars to rent so once I have my race licence I am going to contact them all and organise some testing before deciding which car to race next year. At the moment I thinking Citroen C1’s, Legends or Fiestas.

So, as I mentioned earlier, I am a full time music teacher. At weekends however, I occasionally work for my friends‘ Supercar Experience Company. This weekend I was working at Kirkbride Airfield down in Carlisle with them and I took my Elise with me so I could have a little play and work on some car control. Sunday was a busy day; McLaren turned up with a few cars to show off, including a Senna, and Renault with their Alpine. it was a good weekend, topped off with a shot in a Gyrocopter, which was awesome fun!

I am now on holiday for a week so I‘ve spent some time training with my good friend and Personal Trainer (and other race coach), Daryl, and trying to mentally prepare for my ARDS assessment this week. Can’t believe it’s almost here!

More to come soon!



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