Trackday in the new car!

Yesterday I had a trackday booked with my new toy; a Lotus Elise 135r (with a Honda Civic Type R K20a2 engine conversion). I was slightly worried on my drive up as the Vtec (yo!) wasn’t kicking in. I only collected the car on Thursday so haven’t had much time to get to know the car that well. Turns out its a bit like a Windows computer, and needs turned off and back on again so once I did that, all was well again!

It was freezing cold but a glorious day, and it was great to get into the car and have some track time in it. My confidence is building and from the video footage I can see my lap times coming down. I can also see from the footage where I can make things better, with regards to lines, gear changes, braking points and getting back on the accelerator. I tried to keep things as smooth as possible, and had a good few hours driving myself and also being pax, so it was all very beneficial. I just wish there was another trackday soon! I’ll see if there are any good evening sessions coming up that I can book onto.

Special thanks this week goes to Andy of Supercarworld. U.K. for sitting with me and giving me pointers and tips, and John at Flat Out Photography for more photos of me on track again! His photos from the day are on his Facebook page:

I also have to say, I used my Walero head sock under my helmet and it was fab! So comfortable and it kept my head at a perfect temperature while on track. Definitely recommended. I’ll be looking at the Walero underwear when the time comes.

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