Trackdays, training, getting kitted out and a tribute to a Legend.

It’s been a week or two since my last post, and I’ve been sooooo busy since then, both at work and socially but I’m pleased to finally have some time to myself to update you all!

First things first, had a trackday at Knockhill in the Elise. It had been booked for a while and my friend and ex-racer, Daryl, came along to sit with me and give me pointers, and we had a blast! Unfortunately it was a very busy trackday and a lot of people crashed out or broke down so there were a lot of red flags, which got insanely frustrating. However, once the majority of cars had been towed off the track and gone home, it was great! 😂🙈 the last 45 minutes were brilliant. I took away a few things from the day; 1) my Elise is quite underpowered, it needs a good mapping session to get the most out of it, 2) my lines are pretty much there, 3) I am lifting off for a while before braking so losing a lot of time here, 4) I really need more seat time now and 5) I just need to grow some balls. So all in all, not too difficult! 😂

The following day I worked at the last event for the Supercar Experience company I work for. It was a good, busy day and not too cold, so I’m glad I worked it, as it was a last minute change of plans to work it. We start back up in February, but it’ll be good to have the winter months off.

At the trackday Daryl worked out where my strengths and weaknesses are, literally! My legs are strong, likely due to all the mountain biking and cycling I used to do, but my upper body is a bit weak (especially my wrists and the muscles used when turning the wheel), so to strengthen me up for racing we’ve been targeting these muscles more. It’s great that Daryl knows where I need to be strong for racing. A personal trainer without this background may not know exactly which muscles to target, so any racers (or non racers!) out there looking for a Personal Trainer, Carbon Strength is the place you want to be. 🙌🏼👍🏼💪🏼

Moving on, I was supposed to be borrowing a helmet and race suit from a friend, but I was starting to get anxious about that. Thoughts of “What if nearer the time I can’t get a hold of him” or “what if he needs it himself” were going round and round my head, so I decided to take matters into my own hands again and buy my own. I already had a rough idea of what I wanted after visiting Turner Autosport in Strathaven in the Summer, and I tried on a few suits and helmets then, so it was just a case of getting the right size ordered, which then escalated into getting a custom made P1 Donna suit! 😂 I’m keeping it mostly to the basic layout, but instead of black with orange accents I’m getting black with pink accents and having it made to fit me exactly because my womanly shape seems to take bits of three different sizes! So to ensure that it fits me perfectly, I went in and got all measured up yesterday. I also decided to purchase a Roux Carbon helmet. Perhaps a bit overkill for right now, but I like it, so I’m getting it! my intent was to buy a Stilo Carbon helmet, but after hearing some stories about comms being a bit hit or miss with regards to reliability, I went with the Roux. Also, the Roux has a great safety feature where, if you are in an accident and paramedics need to remove the helmet, they pull two tabs and the whole shell lifts off. Steve and Jen at Turner Autosport were as helpful and accommodating as ever, staying in the shop late so we could get everything sorted out. They really are brilliant and highly recommended. I’m just waiting on a final quote from P1 and then we can go ahead and order it. :-D

On a final, sadder note, I found out this morning that my friend, David Duncan, aka Tut, passed away this morning with his wife Verian by his side. He is well known within the Lotus community in Scotland and the Lotus driving track goers across Britain for walking around and driving his various different Supercharged Honda engined elises barefoot. He’s had a colourful life and there are literally hundreds of stories from track days and trips away with him. I have my own to share, which I’ll do if I see any of you in person and you want a laugh. Tut has been ill for a long time with a degenerative lung disease, and it‘s been difficult to see him deteriorate over the last while. My condolences to the whole Duncan family and friends of Tut.

Rest in Peace Tut, you absolutely legend. As others have said today; may your track time never end, your petrol tank never run dry, your AA membership never expire and your shoes never be found. Gone, but never, ever forgotten. ❤️❤️

Jen xx

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